Review: The Night Strangers

The Night Strangers
The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was alright. I think it might have gotten my interest more if it opened with some of the events closer to the end. Also, it was kind of unrealistic for me. The pace seemed slow for a paranormal book. I wouldn’t call it a thriller, but it could have been.

The amount of “suspension of disbelief” required didn’t match up to the genre of this book. It read almost like a fairy tale that had been beefed up for adults. The family in this book, parents and two daughters, all just kind of went along like sheep to a slaughter, yet they were all supposed to be highly intelligent. A pilot, an attorney and a set of brilliant twins, that didn’t question things that an average garbage man, waitress, and special ed students would question. When people move to a new place, it’s nice to be welcomed, but to have a whole plethora of players (all named after herbs) in and out of your driveway and home, mixing you drinks and making you “custom goodies” to eat, and not raise your eyebrows? Come on. Really?

The ending was not very satisfying either. I can see where Chris Bohjalian fans would like this book, but it didn’t make me want to run out and get more of his stuff. Nor did it make me want to find someone to have a stimulating discussion about it with.

This book might fly better as a 2 hour made for TV movie (with 45 minutes of commercials fit in). For me, it should have sunk with the plane crash that seemed to be it’s own character to the bottom of the lake.

Sorry for the poor review, but truly I only finished it because I always finish a book if I’ve read more than 20% or so.

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