Review: Native American Myths and Legends

Native American Myths and Legends
Native American Myths and Legends by Colin F. Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book had some wonderful pictures in it and was very informative in a topical way about Native American myths and legends. It provides some good insights to the relationship between geography and the development of myths and legends, but lacks insight to the sanctity of these stories.

If a person doesn’t have some basic anthropology knowledge, it may be difficult to fully appreciate the value of what the book has to give. For the layman, it could be taken as fairy tales meant for entertainment. There are alot of descriptors for the photography and not enough space to really delve into the spiritual context of these myths and legends and how they functioned in much the same way religious belief systems do today for any people.

Perhaps it just bothers me when any religious or spiritual material is referred to as “bible stories” when it is taken as fact and history for the people that have built their lives around it.

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